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True Design is the brainchild of two Venetian brothers people brought up in the pursuit of modernity. For them “modern” is, first of all, going beyond fashion by overtaking those signs that too quickly change from innovative into conventional.

“In contradictions we discover contaminations which become unexpected relationships; opposition urges us to explore territories made of freedom, understanding and respect. This sets our enthusiasm free.”

For them what it is fashion should be fleetingly appreciated, but also seen as démodé. Thus the need to keep going further, but which way?


“We aim to move forward with a glance to the past”. This might seem paradoxical, but paradoxes are the essence of modernity”. Hence the inaugural collection of True Design (just made in Italy).

“We are aware that everything around us gets old before us, in a status of abject consumption. What is trendy today it is at the same time irreparably out-of-date.”

“Everything has already become; there are no eternal facts: just as there are no absolute truths.” -Friedrich Nietzsche