• namad Pleating Panel

Lily Latifi, Paris

From her Paris studio Lily Latifi, a designer/entrepreneur leads her creative team who specialise in vertical acoustic and privacy treatments (for windows, doors and open plan applications) within offices, hotels, lounges and domestic settings.

Lily’s team are constantly striving to create solutions to make space work more effectively and at the same time look great, she is continuously studying the material composition of new and alternative textiles to address user needs.

Whilst curtains, roller blinds and sunscreen panels continue to be in regular demand it is her new ‘thinking outside of the box’ product solutions that have propelled Lily’s business into the eyes of many renowned global architects & designers. Be it the 3D translucent sliding panels, the three dimensional contract flooring collection or her latest creation “namad” Pleating Panel.



The word “namad” is the Persian name for Felt. Ever since her time at University Lily has been fascinated by the intrinsic properties of felt, being a natural sound absorber and its non flammability. Beginning with hanging and sliding felt panels Lily discovered a way of cleanly cutting designs (i.e. logo’s) into the structure, which in turn lends itself to being a great way to separate space offering both visual & acoustic benefits to the surrounding area/people.

Lily Latifi’s latest creation the “namad” Pleating Panel is strikingly simple, yet strikingly beautiful. Its form takes inspiration from the utilitarian galvanised shutters of old that graced the front of many industrial spaces, whereas our product is tactile and beautifully soft to touch. Its 100% natural felt construction provides high levels of acoustic and visual privacy but still manages to be warm, approachable and luxurious; in one word homely.